Welcome to my blog! My name is Faye, I'm a 21 year old English Literature and Creative Writing student from Dorset, studying in Birmingham.

I have been documenting my life online in several ways since 2011 and it's something that I would recommend to everyone. I've always been interested in photography and capturing moments in time, as I'm very nostalgic and have a tendency to look back rather than forwards. I find it incredible to see how not only the way I look has changed, but my tastes in food, clothes, music, pastimes and my style of expressing myself have also changed enormously over time.

EXHIBIT A: Me in 2011

This blog is going to be a space to tandem my YouTube channel , however as well as a style diary this will also be a lifestyle blog and a place for me to post about my interests and adventures outside of the world of fashion and beauty.

I really hope that you'll enjoy coming on this journey with me, fingers crossed that I can keep it up!